Air crash, again and again

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17. TransAsia Flight GE222. Air Algerie Flight AH5017. Those are just names of flights; curt names you could dwell on and forget the true names behind them; people’s names. People’s names that will appear on graves, for those bodies lucky enough to be found in an identifiable state. It’s been three crashes in the space of about a week. Let’s not forget the first Malaysian plane, Flight MH370, which disappeared to a place we still don’t know. For goodness’ sake, what’s going on in the skies?

Of course I know what’s going on. I know about the shooting down of the Malaysian one and the storms that apparently downed the others. It’s depressing. What I don’t understand is what’s going on in some twisted people’s minds. I was unfortunate enough to decide to read the comments on a link I found on Facebook today about the crashes, and I couldn’t believe some of the things I was saw. Some people were actually happy about this, and thought it should happen more often. Gosh, there was so much trash in those comments, but I managed to sort out a few understandable categories that had me wondering;

  •  The “Conspiracy Theorists”, as I will call them. They believe that this coincidence was carefully orchestrated by one heartless world leader bent on killing off fellow humans. So the Malaysian plane was shot down. Yes, we agree. But the other two crashes had to do with some storm or other, so unless storms also conspire with governments to kill hundreds of people, then it’s NOT a depopulation plan by Obama or Obama’s enemies.
  • The World War III enthusiasts. These ones believe that three plane crashes in quick succession signify that the whole world is willing and ready to have lots of fun in a third gruesome and large scale war. They were so excited about it, by the way, and seemed truly overjoyed by the concept. People quickly forget how nasty war can be. I mean, I didn’t even experience World War II, but just watching the TV series ‘Apocalypse; World War II’ on National Geographic Chanel gives me jitters. People, please don’t play around with the idea of war. World War III will come when it’s supposed to. If it’s supposed to, anyway. Some people’s excitement for it may actually cause it.
  • The “haters of everything”. These people’s comments all went something like; “Those incompetent pilots!”, “Those airlines are irresponsible and useless to us as a planet!” or “I don’t know what caused these crashes, but I hate it!” They don’t have much information about what’s happened but they hate it all. Some even posted irrelevant stuff with a “hahaha” at the end. Yes, laughter. But why?? Maybe they just needed to comment, I console myself.

I hope I just misunderstood these people, because I still need my hope for humanity. I wonder how the victims’ relatives and friends feel. It can’t be easy to lose loved ones in such a way and see people willing to twist it around into something else, totally ignoring the real issue at hand. That, I don’t understand.

May the souls of the departed rest in peace. Amen.