My creative tribe

** A creative tribe is a like certain kind of creative: the creative people out there who share similar quirks and ways imagining and doing things.

They are timid people. Timid in a way no one would ever understand because on the surface they look oh so intimidating and bold. They are crazy people, that tribe of mine. No, I don’t mean that they like to go clubbing or diving off cliffs. That would be the last thing they would ever think of doing. Instead they’re crazy because they have way too many dreams. They want to be writers and graphic designers and programmers and engineers and crafters and chefs and pianists and I don’t know what else. Ask them for their passion in life and they’ll freeze, unable to say just how many little passions and big passions they have, for fear of sounding unserious. They love the color green because it’s life, refreshment, harmony. And they are artsy, always making little sketchy designs in any of their numerous notebooks. Virtually any sort of design appeals to them, whether they can contribute to it or not.  They like to travel and meet new people because much as they are mostly introverted and shy, they have always harbored a burning curiosity about the lives of people in other parts of this great wide world. On that note; they love food. They’d kill for a chance to travel the world sampling the cuisine from each continent. Coffee is liquid gold. Yoghurt, possibly silver. Veggies and fruits, bronze. Everything else, they’ll try it if it doesn’t give off poisonous vibes.
Above all else, though, they love to put into words the amazing things that happen in life every day. They watch life through narrowed, deeply interested eyes, knitting stories and whipping up poems. One thing stands out; they are not really sporty. They may admire sports from afar but participation……not so much. But they can dance. Kind of. They like music and wouldn’t mind moving the body a little, just not in front of other people.
Brands? Anything with a really creative logo, or any that oozes sophistication. Plus Coca-Cola. Any day.


5 thoughts on “My creative tribe

  1. They know when to say “hallelujah” to God and “Amen” to their “god”
    They know when to wake up at the first cock’s croak but a big number will walk to the garden without a hoe.
    They know when to hurry by on streets like a neighbour has lost a loved one yet bearing a fake identities and pilgrimaging to no where
    Okay, Sanyu, I looove your piece. Its pretty awesome. Don’t mind me up there. Its just that I think most of us are abit puzzled about our roots and the soils from which we spring. . . .
    I sense a big big bunch of curiosity we, “they” bear. Isn’t it so beautiful to be curious?? What I really love about this is that it is from a Writer’s point of view. Who happens, . . .” they admire sports. . . . .” hmmm!!

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