Tremors on my birthday

Today the ground shook for me
That’s what!
It stood up and roared for me
But not just that!
It danced for me
I swear
The world did a little jump for me
That’s rare….

And all I can imagine now
Is how much it must have jumped
For my mother
The day I decided I’d jump out.

Her world must have exploded into madness
She must have been filled with so much sadness
Thinking she’d lose me
Never get to see me
And grow and play and be pretty.

If I could speak I would have told her
Hush, Mummy, I’ll get to grow older
There’s a higher power, don’t you worry
It’s Him who brought me here two months early
And He’s going to be there
And I’m going to be well
And we’re going to be happy.

Now that I’m away
In my own little version of
making mummy proud
We don’t get to be together
On a day like……today……

And you know what happens?
The world shakes.


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