They forgot

They forgot:
The people that told me of life
They forgot:
It skipped their wise minds
When they sat me down
When they took my hand
To give me their insight about this earthly life

The self-help books forgot: they talked of high tides and waves
Of moments of joy and tremendous gain
Of determination and of strength
Of not giving up through the stormy gale
Also, of life’s hard times and pain
Of traps: “Beware of life’s many traps!” they said
That life is one great crazy jungle
In which the hunters set traps, and watch, and wait.

They forgot:
I could set my own.

They forgot:
The hunter can hunt themselves
The hunter can be me

Don’t warn me of the outside thief
Of the kidnapper that prowls dark streets
Don’t warn me of lions with bared teeth
Or of cheetahs that run at a million miles speed
Of snakes that aim and bite for the kill:
Because those, I can see
Those, we have learnt to spot
Warn me instead of the most lethal being
Warn me of

Warn me that some days I will be the tsunami
That some days I will quake and bring down buildings
Warn me that I will steal from myself
Warn me that I will hit myself
That I will sit down,
Design the trap
Carefully set it
And carefully fall in it
And it will bite into my own ankles
And it will hurt
And the pain will be my lesson
And I will burn with emotion
And my cries for help will be mere curses
Me cursing

Teach me how to get through that.


3 thoughts on “They forgot

  1. This is extremely true… You have just changed a life… Have been sitting in this couch since morning… Thinking of all that I have to do and done None yet other be on this phone… Knowing and realising that am setting a trap for my own self… I have jumped out and now I head on to activity… Beautiful piece… I love it… And once again thank you…


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