All fiery at 6:00am

7 Day blogging challenge  #UGBloggers7Days

Today, I woke up to a sky the colour of fire. I refuse to undermine its beauty by calling it orange or red. It was fire. And when I looked at it again, it looked pale, like the fire was slowly smothered by cold, grey ashes. Or like the fire was lit amidst ice, and the ice made the fire look pale while the fire made the ice melt. It looked like the two were not exactly delighted by their union, but it had created this indescribable beauty. It is just like the forced marriage that surprisingly works out despite the couple having never shared any romantic love.

The beauty rapidly faded, though, and I began to wonder if it was making way for another of those unremarkable days when the sun shines so mercilessly that it is no longer an amazing thing, but a giant orb emitting piercing rays. Or would it rain a little today, like on those days of undecided weather when all the different kinds of weather want to happen at once? I didn’t know, but today I felt ready for a surprise. Today was going to be wonderful. Yes, it was just six in the morning, too early to tell. But why was my heart beating so loudly? Why couldn’t I breathe right? Why was all my blood gushing around my body like even it was excited by the prospect of this day? Why couldn’t I stop smiling to myself?

A glance out the window now showed me that the fire was winning. The entire sky now had a scenic fiery glow. Wow. There was a lot for me to take in from this. The fire is like love, and passion. It burns out the cold feelings of dread, fear and despair. But there wouldn’t have been so much beauty without the ice trying to get in the way of the fire. I decided to light my fires, too, today, and burn out all the cold, dark things. I decided to smile, and love, with my entire soul. Today I began my day all happy and bubbly. I guess excitement is a fire, too, so I should let it burn!