But why would a man defile his own daughter??


I saw it on the news again yesterday. Yet another man descended on his underage daughter and defiled her. I need a moment to just try and deal with how extremely miserable this all is.

Okay. So this man failed to find any other outlet for his sexual tension (huh, of course!) and decided that his daughter would do. Someone help me here; his own daughter? Not that he should be defiling any other girls, anyway, and this is what makes this so sick. Already, I gag at the prospect of any male human being that rapes women, let alone defiling young girls……..(such people are the scum of society), so this whole daughter thing leaves me with no more mental and emotional energy. Zero. I know that all sins are equal in God’s eyes, but to us mere mortals, in terms of consequences on other people and level of stupidity of the sin committed, some sins are more equal than others. This man makes me want to abandon my dream of being and engineer and go back to high school, study the relevant subjects, proceed to campus and study law, work insanely hard and somehow rise through the ranks and become a judge, and then go on rampage handing out a castration sentence to every such human being. Every single one like him.

And apparently the victims of this are luckier now than before (huh?), because the cases at least get reported. In the past, such puke-worthy news, when discovered, would be kept within the family to avoid spoiling the man’s name. The girl would suffer the shame of having an illegitimate child at a young age because; we can’t shame the father. Hey, the guy has to maintain his pride and place in society. My goodness. I just cannot conjure up the right words from my writers’ special pocket for this. I officially fail. No wonder so many women find themselves becoming crazily feminist.

This stuff has got to stop. And for that to happen, the men, especially here in my beautiful home Africa, who still see women as objects should simply quit it. It’s the 21st century, yo!  I mean, this man (monster) in the news probably sees his daughter as this weak little object around the house that spends its time helping its mother-object to do the chores, which unfortunately involves mainly doing stuff for him, like washing his disgusting clothes and cooking him food (from which he gains the energy to go do some defilement). He thinks;

I made this object with my own seed and I can USE it as I please. Let it help its mother-object with an extra “chore”.

Because, duh.

It’s sad. Now I no longer blame those women who used to give us talks, advising us not to trust anyone, including our uncles, brothers and FATHERS. I used to think they were bitter women who’d been hurt by their men. Turns out they weren’t always wrong.

I hope this man goes to jail (as a Christian, I’m trying not to wish him death by electrocution or something worse), but he may not even go. You know how these things be. Ahhh. I cannot deal this anymore. My brain’s tired from too much despair. Let me go attempt to sleep it off.

P.S; If you’re reading this and you’re a genuinely good male human being whose first instinct ISN’T to go out raping and/or defiling the female part of the population or your daughters, then this article isn’t about you. Don’t make it. Okay bye.